15 Illustrations of Common Objects Pretending to Be Something Else in an Effort to Persuade Everyone


If you assume that you know everything, there is a good chance that you don’t. Everything around us has its own secrets, which are occasionally disclosed. It happens especially when these things strive to emulate something else, as if they are experiencing an identity crisis and are sick of being themselves. Consider all of this to be a comedy because we are grown enough to realize that they are only coincidences. Have fun and don’t worry too much!

#1 “A Miniature Kitten Appeared When I Squeezed Out A Tube Of Cream.”

Image source: yum_disc / reddit

#2 A giggling pumpkin! It’s unsettling!

Image source: lokigivesmeloves / reddit

#3 A Potato Who Was Supposed to Be A Bird But Ended Up Being A Potato

Image source: OnionComb / reddit

#4 A suspicious stone masquerades as an alligator skull.

Image source: LightningMcCree8 / reddit

#5 Cucumber shaped like a swan.

Image source: Cheesy_tomato / reddit

#6 Is it the salmon or the beets? For a while, I was perplexed!

Image source: fallout114 / reddit

#7 A Moth That Appearances To Be A Small Fighter

Image source: Bri_Banana / reddit

#8 The Chimneys Represent Two Men in a Castle.

Image source: Sentient_oaktree / reddit

#9 A Navel with a Piercing and a Grandmother in a Bad Mood

Image source: taykaybo / reddit

#10 Is this a stone or a potato? This Is A Question That Must Be Answered Correctly!

Image source: NightBoat86 / reddit

#11 You’ll Never Find Out Who Is Eavesdropping On You! Because ears are everywhere and you may not even see them!

Image source: Proxima_Centauri_C / reddit

#12 Spiders are creatures that can disguise themselves as objects in their surroundings.

Image source: wheresmy_vodka / reddit

#13 This plant is luring me into a cult.

Image source: 8Hz / reddit

#14 A Kiwi Bird Attempts To Pick Up A Green Yummy

Image source: crybz / reddit

#15 Jupiter’s Silhouette in a Dirty Drop! Do you think it’s true?

Image source: caligarelinquo / reddit