17 Hilarious Edits That Were Done Literally As Requested


When photographs were initially brought to the public, they were prohibitively expensive. However, with the present advancement of technology, the photography industry has evolved to the point that a camera, whether professional, casual, or even on phones, is readily available to practically everybody.

However, in today’s environment, individuals place a high value on their images because social media has pushed many people to make their photos ‘perfect.’ This excessive concern over the content individuals put out has become a trend, and some people capture a large number of images in order to select one that will be uploaded after editing. This culture has resulted in the development of numerous editing programs, as well as an increase in the demand for picture editors. However, regardless of the work, you should not take your customer’s directions too literally. Because this digital artist is well-known for taking your demands literally, which is amusing. Scroll down to see examples of his work.

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