18 Illustrations That Show Us Not to Judge a Book by Its Cover


A picture that was going to be ordinary might become a true puzzle that requires our minds to work harder than usual due to a new angle, the lighting, an odd perspective, or a combination of all these factors. A giraffe without a neck, a flying boat, an invisible chair—at first glance, it looks as though we have entered a realm of imagination where anything is conceivable. Our brain sometimes takes a lot of time and work before it can digest a bizarre image, but once it does, everything starts to make sense once more.

#1 The young giraffe in the zoo in Oklahoma City.

© foreverzanix / Reddit

#2 Although the van’s doors are only open, it appears to be parked very next to another one.

© DandaGames / Reddit

#3 Shrunken chair leg

© SCH1Z01D / Reddit

#4 “This yacht looks like an island in the sea due to wear and tear.”

© supremo92 / Reddit

#5 I recently had my hair chopped, and I noticed something.

© perkypetals / Reddit

#6 A peculiar posture…

© bellavanlan / Reddit

#7 What’s happening here?

© Worickorell / Reddit

#8 Absolute synchronicity

© waitwhatup / Imgur

#9 Construction that is too narrow

© Character_Tart7465 / Reddit

#10 I dropped my phone, and the crack it produced resembles a hummingbird in some ways.


#11 The “three-legged man”

© nicojk / Reddit

#12 Which tree fronts the house?

© IndependenceOk5800 / Reddit

#13 Floating cat on the floor

© Fubler / Reddit

#14 A phantom ship

© helloumjustin / Reddit

#15 A laptop that is clear

© BronxFC2001 / Reddit

#16 A head and two bodies?

© griftylifts / Reddit

#17 Shriveled garlic that somewhat like a bird without legs

© Matt12771 / Reddit

#18 A plate covering a cup or a cup of coffee with milk?

© Matarskra / Reddit