20 Impossible Coincidences That Actually Happened


Do you believe it is possible to obtain a model airplane with the same tail number as a real one or to win the lottery twice in a row? You can argue that it’s impossible, but the subjects of this essay were shocked by the most incredible coincidences.

#1 Three identically colored vehicles are parked in front of a related structure.

#2 “A woman stole my toddler’s clothes at a friend’s wedding,” I said.

#3 Unknowingly, three persons purchased the identical card at the same time.

#4 “Coincidentally, my girlfriend’s sister and she gave their mother the same bouquet of flowers for her birthday. Each vase is the same.”

#5 “My eyebrows are the finishing touch to the hat’s design.”

#6 “I won the same lotto for the second time in just a year.”

#7 The miniature plane my brother gave me has the same same tail number as the actual thing.

#8 My socks match my girlfriend’s carpet to a tee.

#9 “This week, I took exactly the same number of steps that I did last week.”

#10 The ideal moment for an advertisement to cover a YouTube image was when it was paused.

#11 The two men seated next to one another are viewing the same program.

#12 “I threw the one glove I found in a parking lot into my trunk. About a year later, I discovered the mate in another parking lot.”

#13 “My car can have the same wheels as garbage,”

#14 “My cup and my latte are the same hue.”

#15 “My coworker and I both brought three eggs in a cut-off egg container and the exact same breakfast to work in the same style of Tupperware.”

#16 Although my snowman has melted, his face has not changed.

#17 “My countertop and my new frying pan go together like clockwork.”

#18 The model’s eyes are level with the chandeliers in the beauty parlor.

#19 “I got two candies crammed into one bag, one standard candy, and one sweet without a bag.”

#20 Four identical vehicles are parked in front of a grocery store.