20 Interesting and Funny Coincidences That Appear Impossible But Actually Occurred


Here, we present 20 amusing and fascinating coincidences that may appear unlikely yet actually occurred. There are many surprises in the world. Or, to put it another way, we all know that anything can happen suddenly and without warning. But occasionally, things happen that defy our expectations.

Enjoy your time as you scroll down. All images have links that take you to the places where they were taken. Please feel free to check out more of these photographers’ work on their personal websites or in their collections.

#1 “Three Girls in a Row, All Wearing the Same Color Sweater and Hair”

#2 “At My Job, This Is How The Newspapers Were Stack Up”

#3 “Oddest Possible Odd”

#4 By chance, a restaurant sign was saved.

#5 “On the left is my rental car. I parked at a winery and discovered this when I went outside.

#6 “I Found The Cliff From Which This Cliff Bar Came”

#7 All of the passengers on the bus were strangers.

#8 Happy Car

#9 ‘Glitch In The Matrix’

#10 They later left in separate directions.

#11 The fishbowl of my daughter was knocked off the dresser by a cat.

#12 An offensive bus

#13 “My Daughter Suffered a Chin Injury Today and Received This Fortune Cookie at Dinner”

#14 Three vehicles with the same make, model, and ugly color were parked in front of an ugly-colored building.

#15 “A Pigeon Pooped A Self Portrait On A Leaf”

#16 “The irony in this is astounding. Never Inform Me of the Odds.

#17 Following the Storm

#18 “The Pizza Cutter’s Serial Number”

#19 Two commuters watching the same show simultaneously while seated next to one another.

#20 At 7:11 a.m., I spent $7.11 at a 7-Eleven.