26 People Who Have Their Own Understanding of Fashion


If you meet a bizarrely attired eccentric on the street, it’s most likely not a weirdo but a trendsetter — a fashion industry pioneer. These individuals are the first to adopt or even create the most recent trends. We choose to write a piece about them.

#1 I would describe that as a surprise!

#2 Fishtail eyebrows are in this season.

#3 My rules, my bottle

#4 These garments — pants or ink?

#5 Are you the fairy godmother?

#6 This image isn’t funny in any way. Have you ever been the victim of a horrific attack?

#7 When contemplating the future of the planet, you suddenly become aware that you are a bag.

#8 a window for hair

#9 Figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu wears unique water bottle cases for each of his outfits.

#10 A nice bag for fishing

#11 In a subway, you can encounter various kinds of people.

#12 How did she come up with this combination?

#13 the advancement of fashion Next, what?

#14 I’ll demonstrate what comes next.

#15 The fashion spirit

#16 What are your rolling knowledge, son?

#17 Eco-chic remains in style.

#18 That’s not a calzone, is it?

#19 The invention of the mad hatter

#20 My dad believed that neon braids would improve his appearance.

#21 For bald people, an afro hairdo? There is a remedy.

#22 He can now place treats around his neighborhood.

#23 Was there rain?

#24 Being stylish is challenging if you reside in Siberia.

#25 When you can wear horse hooves, why needs boring shoes?

#26 It always goes as follows: