26 Photos That Will Have You Rubbing Your Eyes Out


You can press your camera’s shutter button 1,000 times and get 1,000 unimpressive photographs. Only when the light, shapes, and lines are just correct will you acquire a photograph that will make you doubt your own perception.

#1 It is never easy to locate a cat.

#2 A cat is never simple to find.

#3 “Excuse me, but could you kindly not sit like that? Thanks.”

#4 “I took a picture of my pizza on a cutting board, and the angle makes it appear enormous.”

#5 “I took this photo of the lake, but if you flip it over, it appears like I got a photo of the sky.”

#6 What a menace to one’s safety!

#7 “The line passed directly through the kn1f3.”

#8 This elephant appears to have an endless trunk:

#9 “When shadows take over!” This fascinating photograph of zebras crossing salt pans was taken in Makgadikgadi, Botswana.”

#10 A little man on top of a helpless woman

#11 “Physical laws are broken by cats.”

#12 “I see Tomato Elephants!”

#13 How does this appear to you?

#14 “At first, I mistook them for my legs.”

#15 “A dog with two legs”

#16 Inside this bowl, this steel cup seems transparent:

#17 “My man is attempting to work.”

#18 These plants resemble small hands:

#19 “My shoelace shadow resembles a man scaling a mountain.”

#20 These two are intended to be together:

#21 The bell is being rung by this llama:

#22 “I polished some marble tonight, and one side appears to be missing.”

#23 She drew the m()nst3r’s attention.

#24 “In this photo my brother took in Ireland, he appears to be a giant roaming around the countryside.”

#25 Optical illusion for the most observant: tell us what’s wrong with the shot.