30 Funny Pictures With A Better Background Rather Than The Foreground


Looking back on images that were intentionally or unintentionally spoiled is a lot of fun. Some people have a habit of showing up in front of or behind someone else in their shot, a practice known as photobombing. Even though it’s immature, when done right, it’s amusing. You would laugh out loud the moment you saw a perfectly photobombed image. Here are 30 amusing photobombed pictures. You can’t help but laugh, I’ll bet!

I think it’s safe to state that in these images, the background is superior to the foreground. It’s because of the amusing photobombing abilities. So, scroll all the way to the end. Additionally, if you’re interested in them, be sure to look into more of their work. Enjoy!

#1 The prize for the best lifeguard should go to this man.

Image source: GFBIGFAN

#2 This is my mother, who came to see me in Anchorage and was hilariously photobombed.

Image source: TexasPooneTappa

#3 Perhaps he wished to congratulate you.

Image source: twofirstnamez

#4 My cousin’s bachelorette party was there.

Image source: Lutya

#5 Prince Harry interrupted a photo of my cousin while he was working the Invictus Games last year.

Image source: sidewinderucf

#6 The Best Wedding Crasher Of All Time Is Here. It’s Fantastic

Image source: honor_your_heart

#7 See How Artfully the Dolphin Photobombs the Photograph.

Image source: mrpickem1

#8 The couple was visited by a warm group of trash pandas on their wedding day to wish them well, but they left after a short while.

Image source: sarah

#9 This could be among the best photos ever taken in Rio de Janeiro.

Image source: reddit.com

#10 Have A Close Look At This Man’s Bun

Image source: buchnasty

#11 At brunch, this young boy interrupted my girlfriend’s photo.

Image source: FatKeystone

#12 A Photobomb That Is Among The Funniest Ever

Image source: thatwasamusing

#13 A Cute Little Cat

mage source: thepunis

#14 I’m A Pro At Photobombing With My Supergirl

Image source: Big-Custard2645

#15 An Expert in Photobombing

Image source: Rawtashk

#16 An Authority on Photobombing

Image source: NanoSama

#17 To record themselves during a concert, my mother (on the left) and her friends traveled through time together.

Image source: Justinf**kinProulx

#18 These Are My Moroccan Friends, And The Man Behind Me Enjoys Photobombing

Image source: emmett_sparling

#19 Hahaha! Photobombing By A Zombie Horse

Image source: MelissaEnglePhotography

#20 How Do You Feel When a Local Guy Photobombs You While Riding?

Image source: vatosniffos

#21 During their vacation, my parents took a selfie with a friendly stingray.

Image source: kebulatr

#22 My brother’s wedding photos were ruined by this rooster.

Image source: da_purp_rolla

#23 In order to fulfill the couple’s wish, the best man had to create dust in the air. View the Subsequent Events

Image source: Checkedout22

#24 The small couch behind had the dog of this weatherman sleeping on it.

Image source: IDonyKnow224

#25 Accidentally, Dwayne Wade photobombed this proposal.

Image source: RealisticYogurt6

#26 A Adorable Photobomb

Image source: sir_stegosaurous_rex

#27 Boy, He’s Such A Nut

Image source: rhodahxo

#28 Cats wouldn’t allow dogs to live in peace if they could.

Image source: Hajlen

#29 Authentic Photobomb

Image source: paigebartos

#30 One more amusing photobomb

Image source: katebertelson_