50 Pictures of Interesting Things That Show Their Unseen Side Of Them


There are a lot of things going on around us. We’d be so lucky if we could see all those strange things. Sadly or thankfully, we often fail to see them. Not because we don’t have time to notice them, but because we aren’t aware of them. As a result, here you will find rarely seen places, things, persons, and occurrences in a new light. We’re confident that this collection will arouse your latent interest.

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#1 When It Is Cold Enough To Notice The Melody!

#2 Although this rainbow cloud is not as beautiful as the Aurora Borealis, it is a rare sight to see from an Indian balcony.

#3 Take in the sunset from space.

#4 These are the genetically modified white blood cells that are about to be reintroduced into my body to aid in the treatment of my cancer.

#5 An iceberg that has been turned upside down.

#6 This Albino Peacock from Malaysia.

#7 I’m stuck with my prosthetics.

#8 Phytoplankton that glows in the Persian Gulf.

#9 How many of you have seen the ice eggs that form in Northern Finland when ice is rolled over by water and wind?

#10 What do you think the reason is for the presence of a father on Swedish nappie packaging?

#11 It is not an art. This is Aspen, Colorado’s forest.

#12 In Cairo, There Is A Giant Tree.

#13 This Is How You Get To Heaven. The 30-second exposure of an airline leaving the runway.

#14 My nails are always chasing the chemo out of my fingers.

#15 On frosty mornings, my truck door handle looks like this.

#16 My Father’s Periodic Table, Complete With Actual Elements

#17 A Pistachio Tree

#18 A Real-Life Rainbow Created On The Road By The Sun On This Newly Paved Tarmac.

#19 Have you ever seen a butterfly with clear wings?

#20 A Jimbacrinus Crinoid Fossil Collection.

#21 A Glacial Ice Piece 10,000 Years Old.

#22 A stunning close-up shot of a dragonfly taken with my phone.

#23 This is an extremely rare leucistic alligator, not a snowball.

#24 My hair is a mix of brunette and blonde. There’s also something else with the same phenomenon. My Eyebrows, of course!

#25 The Method By Which Horses Are Transported On A Plane.

#26 Fish skin is sometimes grafted into burns and diabetic wounds. However, this material eventually recruits the body’s cells to be converted into living tissues.

#27 Can You Guess What This Is? In Tehran, Iran, there is a pencil store.

#28 Take a look at how dense the penguin feathers are.

#29 Photograph of Astronaut Bruce McCandless Floating Away From The Space Shuttle.

#30 This is the Sendai Daikannon, one of the world’s tallest statues.

#31 My Kitten’s Half Split Foot

#32 In Finland, there is only a red rainbow.

#33 An illustrious Emerald Mallard.

#34 My Cactus Produced A Flower With An Odd Appearance.

#35 How many of you have seen close-ups of spider legs?

#36 These Massive Screws Are Used To Mount Solar Panels.

#37 This Is The Clearly Visible Difference Between 3 Months of Hardcore Chemotherapy.

#38 The UK’s Attractive Garden Walls

#39 Behind the scenes of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

#40 In my pool, I discovered this lizard standing in the water.

#41 Just in case you’ve never seen a clump of DNA before.

#42 My sister discovered this massive puffball mushroom in the woods.

#43 A Vineyard in Negrar, Italy produced these mosaics of a Roman villa.

#44 This device is used to measure the lengths of streets on maps by rolling it along the streets to be measured.

#45 This is almond flour created by Antmade.

#46 My cat’s shaved area afterwards grew back chocolate colored.

#47 Hand of a Koala

#48 This Apple’s Flesh Is the Same Color As The Apple.

#49 Examining a 414-pound gorilla.

#50 Cancer Pills Worth $12,000