8 Hilarious Photos That Demonstrate Why We Can’t Trust Anyone on Social Media


Social media provides us with the pleasure of contact as well as an infinite supply of personal photographs. Social media dazzles us with photographs of perfect bodies, fancy cars and phones, pricey holidays, and lovely animals. However, most of the time, something less appealing lurks behind these attractive photographs. Thousands of tries for the perfect pose, or even a phony background!

#1 Allow them to believe you’re getting the perfect stretch.

#2 Makeup that is flawless and poreless can only be found in photographs.

© savannah098 / reddit

#3 This model is a professional, but she also uploads ugly photographs to demonstrate that you don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

© elisabethmaarie / reddit

#4 Best friends will always be there for you. Literally.

© imgur

#5 “I took the whip out to wash it.”

© tré ‏/ twitter

#6 Every autumn Instagram photo has a story:

© OMAHI – Photography / Facebook© OMAHI – Photography / Facebook

#7 It all comes down to the pose and posture.

#8 The genuine illusionist

© imgur
© imgur