Funny Outfits That will Have You Laughing Nonstop


Every day, our minds are filled with wonderful ideas. However, due to a lack of time, finances, or expertise, we are unable to carry things out effectively.

The subreddit Craft Projects demonstrates that great ideas can be executed brilliantly. The online community has over 2 million members and is a treasure trove of outstanding DIY projects. So, if you’re looking for art inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of some of their best posts. View them in the gallery below.

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#1 Examine the caption on the girl’s t-shirt.

#2 Ohh… That Is A Significant Amount Of

#3 Three A Situation People Are Perplexed About the Location The Correct Way to Wear It

#4 Four The Woman Is Quite Brave To Wear This Pant

#5 That is a few awkwardly placed red flowers on the gown.

#6 That is a lot of animal print.

#7 This Unusual Caption Is Ready To Capture Some Attention

#8 Eight Surprisingly, What Britney Could Want From The Pizza Pantry

#9 What a great placement. Hilarious!

#10 I made a corset and didn’t know who to share it with, so I’m hoping someone enjoys it!

#11 Miniature Needle Felted Dog

#12 I made a parasol using crochet.

#13 I made a 7-foot-long plush octopus. Octopus Prime is the most ridiculous thing I’ve created this year.

#14 I made stained-glass renditions of origami paper boats.

#15 Crafting An Axolotl Head For Your Mannequin, Right?

#16 Doors for the Front Entrance

#17 I Made A Baby Mobile For A Strange Friend

#18 I Made A Harry Potter (Chamber Of Secerets) Themed Ring With A Set Moissanite. Let Me Know What You Think!

#19 After my dog died, I turned her leash into a keychain and bookmark.

#20 I create pressed frames out of real dry flowers.

#21 This embroidery was made as a gift for my religious grandmother, and she loved it!

#22 My Ceramics Have Improved Over the Last Three Years! I’m excited to see what this looks like in three years.

#23 Girl Wearing Pearl Earrings

#24 I’ve been making glass figures for many years. What do you think about me sharing this spider with you?

#25 My wife requested that I make a ring holder.

#26 I made Watermelon Ornaments for Christmas this year.