Get Stuck on These Stunning Photos: Blake Little Coats Humans in Honey for Conceptual Series


Blake Little, a Los Angeles-based photographer, created a conceptual portrait series of human bodies completely covered in honey. This series of photographs presented here boldly combines the old and the new. The viewer is taken aback by his vivid images. They freeze the human form, preserving it not in amber, but – and this is surprising – in honey.

Preservation can refer to anything from the physical to the spiritual. At the most fundamental – and possibly most important – level, it can denote survival. As a result, the concept of protection is inherent in the term. While the term “preservation” often connotes a state of stability or even stasis, it can also refer to a process of transformation: wild animal preserves can only exist because they are separated from hunting grounds; fruit preserves are made through hours and hours of boiling, creating a sweet, lasting essence.

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