Here are 16 of The Funniest Instagram vs. Reality Collages Made by a Thai Woman


Instagram is the high point of many people’s life. They freely choose to display their exotic travels, upscale meals, and unusual poses in front of pricey equipment. However, if you immerse yourself in a sea of successful shots, you begin to believe that every day will be the same for them. When you hold yourself to such impossible standards, you begin to feel inferior.

Therefore, it’s good to remember oneself that there are dozens of releases behind those sensual sequences in addition to the fact that these films only depict a small portion of their life. These pictures are rejected because the angle may have given them a double chin and a dog barking in the background.

The Thai model Vienna recently carried out that action. He published a series of “Instagram vs. Reality” videos to demonstrate to his 150K followers that there is more to each “beautiful” snapshot on social media than first seems on the screen. These videos received widespread internet support.

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