Here Are 21 Cute Photoshop Manipulation Designs For Your


Graphic design and photography are combined in the area of photo manipulation. In addition to having a creative mind and a rich imagination, using proficient and skilled Photoshop skills is necessary to come up with original ideas for each piece of work. It takes a variety of abilities to combine several aspects into one compelling image for the viewer. Composition, color theory, strong underlying concepts, and technical proficiency are all crucial.

Here are 21 stunning and imaginative Photoshop manipulation designs that are sure to spark lots of fresh ideas.

#1 Look directly into the camera.

Source: Creative Nerds

#2 We are each a book.

Source: Art-Sci

#3 Keep Your Mouth Shut

Source: Quertime

#4 It Blows My Mind!

Source: Quertime

#5 Elephants can fly as well

Source: Quertime

#6 Even a catastrophe is only a clown

Source: WallpaperAccess

#7 Move outside.

Source: Quertime

#8 sand hair


#9 Paper Is Everything


#10 He irons himself

Source: Quertime

#11 The Confined Child Within Us

Source: Vandelay Design

#12 Pork Man

Source: Behance

#13 An Extraordinary Medical Visit

Source: Hongkiat

#14 Think unconventionally

Source: iStock

#15 Deepest Kisses Ever

Source: Pinterest

#16 The True Beauty Is Within

Source: Pinterest

#17 Older Daddy And Younger Son

Source: Creative Nerds

#18 Floundering Fish

Source: Design & Illustration – Envato Tuts+

#19 Caufield Bird

Source: Dezart Inspire |

#20 Road muck

Source: APK Pure