Photographer Yulia Taits Captured The Beauty Of Albino People


Yulia Taits, a Russian designer and photographer, captured the beauty of albino people in his “Porcelain Beauty” series.

For a long time, I’ve wanted to make and shoot a project about albinos or people with albinism. Their distinct beauty enchants me. For me, this beauty is pure and magnificent, like if it came from imaginations and fairy tale legends.

As a Photoshop artist, I enjoy creating fantasy worlds with my work and artistry. This series was an incredible learning experience for me because I was able to create such beautiful photography without the use of Photoshop. What happened next was pure natural beauty.

All of the images were shot in black and white with no further coloring. I can’t wait to show you that white isn’t just one hue! It contains different colors, shades, and lovely tones.

I was fortunate to meet some fantastic folks while working on this photo project. The models’ and parents’ encouragement inspired me to make this project. Their enthusiasm and encouragement contribute to this fantastic endeavor. I am quite pleased with the outcomes of this encounter.

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