Summer Doesn’t Spare Anyone, According to These 25 Photos


As summer draws to a close, the hot sun asserts its authority. Fences, traffic signals, road signs, and streets are all disintegrating. What can ordinary people do? Obviously, they should post their photos online! They can then demonstrate the full extent of the injury and talk about the most effective ways to calm down.

#1 The first to give up was the traffic light.

#2 He has a very noticeable tan line.

#3 “Thermoregulation system!”

#4 When it’s too hot for hugs but you still want to connect:

#5 “How Australians beat the heat: an ice cold can on a heated belly”

#6 “Done. The heat will not go away.”

#7 On a hot summer day, it’s difficult to ignore a tiny pool.

#8 “To survive the 104°F heat, these birds lined up in a very thin shadow.”

#9 “My cat sits in front of the fan all day to cool off.”

#10 “This is my latest brilliant idea for riding home in this 100°F heat.”

#11 “Last winter, my neighbors built this phony stone wall. It’s slowly evaporating in the heat.”

#12 A tried-and-true method for increasing your popularity

#13 What else can you do when the temperature is 120°F?

#14 “I shouldn’t have left a hot car with a pressurized can…”

#15 “…or some yogurt.”

#16 Local authorities in Lublin, Poland, installed this cooling device.

#17 When the temperature is nearly +120°F and there is no air conditioning in the room:

#18 A clear indication of summer

#19 “This is my Vegas buddy’s window. “I suppose it gets hot here.”

#20 That’s a tight-fitting speedo.

#21 When the temperature is so high that even the road signs are melting:

#22 More than 1,000 words in a single image

#23 Working in a supermarket has certain advantages.

#24 If you went to the beach the day before:

#25 There is love everywhere.