Survivors of the Storm: 25 Resilient Trees Defying Harsh Conditions


Here are 25 badass trees that refused to die in the most extreme conditions. A tree is a perennial plant with an elongated stem, or trunk, that typically supports branches and leaves. In some contexts, the definition of a tree may be narrower, encompassing only woody plants with secondary growth, plants suitable for lumber production, or plants taller than a certain height.

Trees have a long lifespan, with some reaching several thousand years old. Trees have been around for 370 million years. It is estimated that the world has around three trillion mature trees. Trees play an important role in erosion control and climate regulation. They absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and store large amounts of carbon in their tissues. Many animal and plant species find refuge in trees and forests.

This gallery contains 25 photos of incredible trees that refused to die. Scroll down to find some motivation. All photos are linked to the locations where they were taken. Please feel free to look at more of these photographers’ work on their collections or personal websites.

#1 A Magical Location

#2 This palm tree collapsed and curved back up.

#3 Among 70,000 trees, this was the only one that survived the Japanese tsunami. Protected And Restored Today

#4 Olympic National Park, Washington’s Tree of Life

#5 The Roots of a Tree Have Spilled Over The Sidewalk

#6 Nature is the best.

#7 Life Always Finds A Way

#8 For Nutrients, Tree Roots Extend Across A Gap To The Mainland

#9 Striving

#10 Cambodian Ta Promh Temple

#11 When I was younger, my grandfather used to hang his skates from a small tree. He forgot he’d left them there and only discovered them years later.

#12 A Tree That Is Growing On Another Tree

#13 A Tree is Growing From the Third Floor Window

#14 Life Always Finds A Way

#15 My sister’s fence is being eaten by her tree.

#16 The Historic Piano Tree

#17 How This Tree Consumed This Bench

#18 On Vashon Island, Washington, the famous “Bicycle Eaten By A Tree” is hidden in the woods just off the Vashon Highway.

#19 Life Always Finds A Way

#20 This tree will not die.

#21 This tree fell over and sprouted four more trees.

#22 I discovered a tree growing through the speed limit sign.

#23 Because of the light shining on it, this tree’s leaves are still present.

#24 This tree grew from the Stump of a Dead Tree, which then rotted away.

#25 Life, um… Finds A Way