These 16 Pictures Will Make You Fear The Ocean If You Weren’t Already Afraid Of It


Although the sea feels like a place to calm our hearts, no one thinks much about how scary the sea is. You will understand it when you look at these pictures.

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#1 Fact: Oceans are huge volumes of water that are extremely terrifying.

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#2 We must admit that even the thought of being out in the ocean is unsettling.

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#3 in an open body of water.

Paulfleet / Getty Images

#4 And more waves in the water…

Nagol41 / Via

#5 no other people nearby.

NHendrikB / Via

#6 Out there by yourself, practically shut off from places where people live…

KapitanKurt / Via

#7 There’s just you and the waves of the ocean…

#8 Secluded.

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#9 The ocean really is unpredictable.

#10 The rules of the land do not apply to tides.

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#11 Suddenly, you are bound to nature’s whims.

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#12 It’s both amazing and horrifying.

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#13 Undoubtedly scary.

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#14 both horrifying and terrible.

#15 Do you agree that it is incredibly underrated?

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#16 to never again depart?

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